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For most schools the School Dance is one of their largest fundraisers. With a small investment of money, you can have a great return as well as an action packed evening. We'll work with your Dance Committee, PTA, or whoever is planning your dance, to make it the most impressive event possible.

For your event you get our full range sound system, which includes 1400 watts of system power. These are JBL© speakers. The speakers are set up with one 600-watt subwoofer and two 700-watt two way speakers right in front, providing a wall of sound for your students.

Around the DJ Table we'll set up two lighting stands, including LED flood lights, DJ effect lights, and our laser lighting. This is like the lighting setups you'll find at touring rock concerts -- multi colored images that can move around the entire room.

You have access to our wide library of music, including alternative, pop, 80's dance, or whatever else your school wants to hear. Requests for your dance can be emailed to or at any time during the dance.

We know you want quality service for your students with a good clean party atmosphere that won't break your budget. Your students are sure to be excited about returning again and again to a Perfect Beat Dance party!